Monday, September 13, 2010


My recent conversation with Paul, or rather, Paul’s monolog :)

This is all Paul talking, we were reading a story with farm animals.

I want to talk to Daddy about that, I want to tell him that.  I want two, I want a tractor and a cow.  I want to tell him I want a pig, a baby pig to put in that crate (pointing to the dog crate we have for the big dogs).  No, I want to get two baby pigs to put in Pepper’s crate (same crate, Pepper is in there right now).  I want to put them in the tub and put my fingers in there, maybe they will smell them, yes they will smell them.  I’m going to tell Daddy that when he wakes up.  I want you to call him (I don’t think Paul is always aware when Daddy is at work and when Daddy is sleeping, since he does sometimes work both nights and days).

So it was too cute, and I tried so hard to remember it all.


Julie said...

So this morning. He runs up to daddy and says 'I wanna get a pig, a baby pig and put it in Buddy's crate, we have to get Pepper a dog house, and Juniper is going to need a dog house too (cause the pig would be in their crate).'

Super cute!

nanloda said...

wah. demanding paul hahah! but he's really cute and such a good planner. already had some plan for his existing pets :) n preparing good shelter for wannabe pets. did he get the piggies?