Friday, October 08, 2010

Was suppose to be my ‘reality’ post

So I was going to post a ‘reality’ post, you know all the stuff that people don’t talk about when trying to paint the rosy picture that happens usually with a blog.  But my reality right this moment is too cute to not share, and totally wipes out the negative of the day!

Paul has this little nerf type football that would be used to play finger football, it’s flat, but football shaped.  He is currently playing football with Dolores.  I tried to get a picture and a video but the camera is not working and my cell phone is full.  So instead of being super frustrated I’m posting here so I’ll remember later about this fun moment.

It is super cute!  Paul is throwing this ball/disc and she is chasing after it (crawling) while giggling up a storm.  She gets distracted and Paul picks her up and puts her back on the sheet (he has a sheet laid out that is their playing field I guess, or just the place he wants to play this game), throws the football, they both giggle like mad and then she crawls after it and he gets there first, she gets distracted, he gets her, repeat.  The laughter is incredible!   They are both having a blast!

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Christine said...

:D I think it's also partly true that we don't get time to post stuff on those really bad days - can help the blog have a warm fuzzy feeling to it. Glad you had a nice evening!