Monday, October 11, 2010


All this lack of sleep is catching up with me, I am so tired! We mostly had a good day in spite of it. Paul has been really challenging lately, feeling like I don't have the tools to handle him. This is the difficulty of not having many people to talk to who also desire gentle discipline! No one to bounce ideas off of!

Dolores really started to stand on her own the last few days (she's just over 11 months). She would do it before, but not on purpose, now she does it and sees what she can do.

Today we took a very, very long walk, it was probably close to 3 miles, that is a lot for me! Pushing the double. We walked to dollar general, rather than across the highway to the grocery store. There was holiday weekend lake traffic, I don't think I would have gotten across there! Plus I wanted to see how long it would take to go to dg, and if it was doable. It went okay, I didn't even know that it had been so long until I checked the time, 1.5 hours! But that included being in the store and stopping several times on the way home for passing cars and picking up dropped stuff. Not to bad, at least I thought. I used to walk a mile in 15 minutes, but that was a brisk pace and not pushing 100 pounds of kids/stroller, and I'm about 70 pounds heavier too. It is something I'd do again.

We also set up our zoo trip for Tuesday! Paul has never been so it'll be fun I think. I hope he does okay. Dolores is still at the 'whatever,as long as I get to nurse, it's all good' phase, so not worried about her. We'll be going with a friend so that'll be nice for me :).


Christine said...

sleep deprivation is soooooooo hard!

wtg dolores for standing! and on the exercise - that's great! I miss my long walks - feel so out of shape!

Mosmum said...

ive just come across your post- and i totally feel for you! i too, am sleep deprived, feel overweight and think that it takes waaaaaaaaaaay too long to do the things that used to take me 2o minutes. the joys of motherhood....

Katrina @ said...

Just wanted to say hello -- I'm a Catholic mama and an AP mama, too :) Love your blog! I can relate to your post. I'm sleep deprived. In fact, it's past midnight now and I have a kitchen to clean and other things. My "day" is not over yet!

Julie said...

Christine, this was one of the posts lost in my inbox! Then sickness. Tonight it's catch up.

I haven't been on the walk since then. Well, we went to the zoo, a few days after that, a LOT of walking, and now we have been sick for a week! I am so ready to not be sick, and to have a voice again. I am so horribly out of shape, and just a tad overweight :), should work on that!

I feel you Mosmum on things taking so long! What funny is that I still forget this. I'll think to myself, oh, that'll take 10 minutes, and then an hour later, I remember! You'd think after 3 and a half years I'd remember!

Katrina! I am going to go read your blog after getting caught up here. It is so hard to find people who are Catholic AND AP. I was getting up to clean after getting the kids to sleep, but now I get up and read or play games on facebook, yeah, totally good use of time there! :). I only have two though, and lately Dolores hasn't been sleeping long without me there, so I'd rather be interrupted playing a silly game than cleaning, I hate leaving something half cleaned! I am also a night owl, so like to stay up, add in insomina and I don't sleep much!