Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finger painting

Today Paul found the finger paints so we tried them out.  Paul had a blast, Dolores did not at all like them.  Screamed!  I tried to get handprints of both of them, but she was not happy about it.  I think I did get enough of one.  Have a few pictures to share from the painting and also from the last few days.


Paul’s tower of blocks.  He was so, so proud!  He got the people on there and asked me to take a picture.


Paul wanted me to take his picture after taking them of the tower.  


Dolores tonight, almost one year old!  Just 7 days, I can’t believe it.  I finally found a way to get rid of red eye! 


Her smiling!  Yes, she’s holding an empty can of daddy’s special camo beer! :)


Coming after the camera, but so cute!


Paul wanted in on the picture taking, with his own empty can, they love those things!


Below is the pictures of the paintings that Paul did.  The first one is Paul in the green and Dolores in the red/orange, her feet in the middle.  She was so not happy about this!  I didn’t push it more to get good prints.  I would have taken some of Paul after painting, but he took his clothes, so no way to edit that!


DSCF2661rs DSCF2662rs DSCF2663rs