Friday, July 18, 2008

daily ponder

Why do cats have to pee in a bed? What about the bed draws a cat to say "hey, this is a GREAT place to pee - I WANT to be peed on" Even though there is a huge litter box and also a person sleeping in said bed?

Man, can't wait until we have two rooms! :) Peaceful sleep again!



Anonymous said...

Is the litter box clean? My cat has never done anything like that with one exception....when he had a urinary tract infection. Are you sure the cat is healthy? We just have never had a cat that peed anywhere but where it is supposed to!

Julie said...

At the time it wasn't as I had run out of litter (I clean it daily). But on occasion we have issues with female cats peeing places they shouldn't. But usually it only lasts a few days. And so far so good! :)