Monday, March 16, 2009

Paul's second birthday

Yesterday was Paul's second birthday. I can't believe he's two! It seems so fast and also like he has always been here.

Today I made him a cake (from scratch too!) It was good :) We had his little party at my parents house. Paul always loves going there, so he had fun :). I was a little upset. My sister and family came with McDonald's (my mom was making lunch - I do understand it was late for lunch, 1pm, so needing to get my nephew something to tide him over). I think it put my mom in a bad mood. Also we seemed rushed. I hate that. Paul only turns 2 once! Then they left as soon as everything was done, super fast. I guess I should have picked a better time, but Chip wanted to be there and he works at 5, so 1 it was. Anyhow, all little things, and trying to remember that Paul had a good time, I think he would have loved to stay longer. Mom wasn't feeling well, and Paul was really needing to sleep.

Other than that, I have been thinking about some of the things I remember about him when he was itty bitty. Things I'll probably forget if I don't write them down.

My favorite is that from the time he was just a few weeks old, he would always smile when he unlatched and finally fell into sleep. It was the signal that I could get up with out him getting upset. It was so cute though :). The other night, he laughed in his sleep, I wish I knew what he dreamed about.

I need to think of more before they get forgotten.



Judy said...

Oh, the laughing in the sleep is the cutest! I do so wish we could know their dreams.

Julie said...

I really would love to know. He talks in his sleep too, though normally you can't understand the words. I'm just very grateful so far that he doesn't have my incredibly vivid dreams, makes bad ones so very scary.