Monday, March 16, 2009

water filters

I LOVE our water filter. It is wonderful. We live in 'Chlorine is good for you so lets put a ton in the waterville'. And we are right next to the storage tank, so the water smells and tastes like a pool. We got a Brita water filter for the sink, and wow, you'd never know we had undrinkable water. I was reminded of how wonderful this little filter was while at my parents yesterday, wow, how quickly one forgets that horrid taste!

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Judy said...

I keep meaning to get a water filter, but I haven't done it. We drink tap water. I think, if you let it sit for awhile in a jug in the fridge, most of the chlorine taste goes away. And I've tasted really bad water before, so I don't mind.

But I should get a Brita. I used to have one - wonder where it went?