Monday, March 09, 2009

quick catch up post

The last month has been crazy. Can't believe it's been a month!

First we found out that one of our cats has feline leukemia. At first they said she'd not last a week. We went to a different vet, got stronger antibiotics and she's doing much better. We just need to get her to gain some weight. So, yes, she won't live as long as the others, but I think getting her infection in check really helped her a LOT.

Then we found out that I'm pregnant, which is great news for us, but it's also an odd place to be since we are still waiting on the verdict from Chip's annulment. We are happy though.

Paul was sick for over a week, more like a week and 5 days. Some kind of virus. He has NEVER been sick like that before. I am so glad to have my baby back, it was so sad to see him just not be him, he was miserable!



Judy said...

Wow! Congratulations! So, baby due this fall/winter?
And so glad Paul is feeling +better. Sick kids are never fun. Well, except that sick kids sometimes really like to cuddle, and as they get older, you appreciate the cuddly moments as they get fewer.

Julie said...

Thanks Judy. Yep, baby is due at the end of Oct. so late fall. We'll have a homebirth, first meeting with the midwife is next Friday, very excited about that :).

It was not fun having him sick. It was so sad to see him just sitting there, not at all himself. He did want to be held all the time, but it was hard because he wouldn't nurse, he just wanted to be held.

I can understand appreciating the cuddly moments as they get older. I have been trying to enjoy the nursing more, since it is likely he'll wean with the pregnancy, hoping he won't, but I know it happens often. I'll miss that time a lot.