Wednesday, March 11, 2009

surgery day

Today was Chip's surgery. It was same day/outpatient surgery. We are home now. It went pretty well, he's in pain, but has meds :). We'll see how tomorrow goes. So far, Paul's been great, hasn't jumped on him at all, which was a big worry. But I have been amazed anytime I get crazy worried about Paul and some situation, I am always proved wrong, which is good, in this case.

For a little background for those who may be newer to reading, we don't watch tv here, we have a dvd player, and watch maybe 5 dvd's over and over again :) Robinhood men in tights being Paul's favorite :) For Richer or Poorer being mine, and the King of the Hill being Chip's. Anyhow, of course, they had tv on in the waiting area. I was just so amazed how unused to it I was. It was just too much and very much a reminder of why I do not like tv. The commercials were awful! yucko! Just glad we don't have to deal with that at home :).

Paul is currently eating chicken that he is dipping in a mix of bbq sauce and ranch dressing. Apparently he thinks that tastes good?? :)

Oh, and his absolute cutes word yet is 'sprinkle'. I wish I could figure how to spell it how he says it, but it is so cute!


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Judy said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well.

We don't have TV here either - we watch DVDs on the computer. (Although we were given a TV over the weekend, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it.) What bothers me the most is TVs in restaurants - it's so distracting! I catch myself staring at the screen instead of interacting with the people I'm eating with.