Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm feeling pretty good today. Feeling pretty blessed. Chip found a second job, which will help get us back on track. It will not be fun being home by myself all the time, but it's a necessary evil. Paul and I will miss him though :). I am just lucky that I get to stay home. It is a great sacrifice that is so worth it. I couldn't imagine having to leave Paul with someone else. I can't wait until the rest of our ducks fall into place (conversion, annulment........................... more babies!!!!!!!! :) can't wait for that!)

Today I was watching Paul, as I do often, and I realized how simply amazing it is that this person was created inside of me. Every day he grows and learns more. While nursing today, he learned that he can grab things with his hands. He was so intently watching as his hands grabbed my shirt and moved it. While I feel I missed a lot of his early days, I am sure making it a point to really watch and connect with him. I have a bad habit of just doing things out of routine and duty, rather than really enjoying him and watching him. Those small things are WAY more important than a clean sink!



Petrus said...


MAY8th? that was forever ago.

Julie said...

I'll post soon, it's been busy :). And me kind of lazy! :)