Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wow, it has been a crazy few days. I'm starting to get that new parent tiredness.

I know I am suppose to be posting about the Yurts, I will, it just requires way more energy than I have now. Not to worry, it's coming :).

Paul has decided that not sleeping is good and fun, especially when it's fighting sleep. That is until about 10 at night when he finally goes down. At first this was very frustrating, but now that it is his 'thing' it's easier to deal with. He is pretty amazing though, learning and growing each day. It's neat to watch him process and take in everything he sees.

We are going to visit my grandma, Chip will be staying here. He has started a new second job, prayers for him to stay awake please, especially while driving, I'm very concerned. Okay, back on track :). All of my grandparents aren't doing well right now, so it's going to be a hard visit. It's sad to see people go down hill so quickly. I am looking forward to the visit though. Very glad that my mom didn't mind with coming with her because we don't have a car that we'd trust for the long drive, plus the money thing, gas is very expensive.

Well I think I may actually go to sleep, very tired. Hopefully we will get pictures developed late next week. I finished both rolls. So lots of pictures coming :), just may be a week or two.



bethalice said...

About time on the pictures! LOL! Are you going to Mass on the 7th - Corpus Christi? Email me!

Julie said...

I hope to have them soon. It is expensive to developed film, so hopefully soon. We are on a major spending break right now. Sorry we missed you at Mass, do you think you'll be there this Sunday?? I have to balance the checkbook and then I'll know if we can come. Wish gas wasn't $3 a gallon! So crazy!