Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update, update, UPdate

Yes, it's been awhile. I tend to only get on the computer while Chip is working, and he had an odd work week the last few weeks, and I had a lot of 'social' things, like going to my parents a few times. Plus, I have just been a tad lazy, or rather just haven't gotten on here.

Paul is going through a somewhat clingy period, so I don't get the chance to type much, but he is also getting into a more defined pattern for his days. He's great! I really enjoy watching him learn and grow more every day. I really wish I'd take more pictures so I could finish one of the rolls I have to post pictures. Hopefully this week. He's huge!!!!!!! He laughed last night for real, it was cute. He's getting pretty interactive now and just growing so much. When they say that it goes by so fast, they really mean it.

We are almost done with the annulment stuff! Just have to finish editing his life history (wow, was that hard!!!!!!!! and VERY long, like 12 pages not even double spaced yet! - I'm working as the editor, I don't know why because he's way better at English). We also have to somehow track down a copy of the marriage certificate, which is hard seeing as we can not find the phone number for the town hall that it would be at. How crazy is that??? They have a number for many different things, just not the place that keeps the records. So hopefully we'll have it submitted by Friday (minus the marriage certificate). That was our goal date, and I think we'll make it. So once all that's in, we just have the waiting. It feels good to get getting there.

Chip also is taking a second job for a few months. That is making the car issue even more important. I was doing well learning the car, but then got sick. So hopefully I'll get the chance to master it this weekend, before he starts the second job, as we are waiting on a silly $20 clip to make the Neon drivable. Can you believe that a silly little clip costs $20. I swear they design cars so that you have to spend this crazy money on silly parts! Oh, we also got the Nissan working well, as it now it actually stops. That's also one of the reasons I stopped trying to learn it, you had to stop with the emergency break, and that was just too much to coordinate with the extra pedal for the clutch (yes, I am a girl, it's just too much for me). It now stops like a normal car and I don't fear my life while being in it.

This weekend has a lot of good stuff happening. We have Paul's first appointment, it's with a holistic doctor in Booneville, way far away, but we hope she's a match with our ideals, that has been hard. Also, he has his first baseball game on Sunday. Can't wait, and it's also the day you can run/walk the bases afterward, so we will be doing that as well, can't wait! So excited.

OH, I should post about Mother's day. I had an old friend stop by with her boyfriend. It was a super treat. I hadn't really gotten to see/talk to her in SO long, it was great, and then to see her happy with a great guy was even better. I really enjoyed the visit. :) As for our Mother's day, it got postponed to Monday, it was nice. We just kind of hung out and went fishing in Sedalia at a nice lake, well nice for me, not good fishing for Chip. Then he made me a nice dinner. :)

Other random things. Lets see, I think we are going to build a yurt for us when we get land, if it doesn't have a house on it already. I have some reservations, but in general like the 'outside the box' nature of it and also, it's cheap and very versatile. I'm designing it slowly while I feed the baby :), talk about interesting, using a ruler, protractor and other devices with one hand while nursing a baby :). Lets just say, it's not perfect!

Also our landlord's lawn mower man cut down our garden, after I asked him not to and he said 'I leave that up to you all'. Talk about pissed off. If the peeling, chalking, shedding lead paint wasn't enough, you kill our little bit of food we had growing???? I called the health department about the lead paint, they never called back. Glad I wrote this because it reminded me that I need to call them again. So we are trying to find something else, but that's hard with our budget. I'm sure something will come up at some point.

I think that is all, for now anyway.



Petrus said...

what's a yurt?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I think it is a character from Dr. Seuss.

Julie said...

Very good guess Jamie :). It's a kind of tent like thing. I'll post about them in a bit with links to commercially available ones, we'd be building our own, more a permanent structure.