Thursday, May 03, 2007


We have settled into a nice semi-routine. It's nice. He is sleeping for longer stretches, and awake longer too. I am guessing he's sleeping just as much as before, but just putting a few of those mini naps into larger ones. I am paying for it slightly with less sleep, because before I could have him in bed for 12 hours (which gave me a decent amount of sleep, even including waking to feed him and such). Now it seems he kind of goes to sleep for the night kind of early for me (9 to 10). I'll adjust. :)

Anyone who has breast feed knows how incredibly thirsty you get. I have found the cure for me, iced tea. It's cheap and easy to make, and I need to be drinking about a gallon a day, so it works.

Because of this nice new little routine we have going, I have been able to get a little organizing done too. It's been nice to tackle a few of the cluttered areas a day. I just have the hallway, table, bathroom and top of the bookcase left. I feel nice an accomplished.


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Anne said...

I can't wait to meet little Paul :)

Do you still have the same phone number? If not you can e-mail me your new one.

We'll be up next weekend (Mother's Day weekend) it OK if we stop by on your First Mother's day on the way home from KC? Maybe around lunchtime? We could grab you a bite to eat if you like so you don't have to make anything for yourself that day :) I imagine it's pretty busy being a mom!