Sunday, December 30, 2007

deep thoughts

People are so many layers, each one brings something to our lives that make us the completely unique person we all are. we try to pigeon hole ourselves into categories and no one fits. For me this has led to misery for most of my life. It wasn't until a fateful conversation with Anne from geology class (who has since become a good friend), when I discovered the Faith. For the first time EVER I realized I have control over the path of my life. I don't have to be a lemming just going with the flow of what is considered 'normal' or politically correct or even what is expected of me from family. That was a huge step.

This is taken a huge turn from where I had wanted it to go! And I can't get back on track.

I don't know why I continue to try to put myself into one group or category, I know it never works, it's just a path toward destruction. I am so many things.

I want to list my layers
Moral conservative
Religious conservative
politically - I don't know! I Like Ron Paul though
I love punk music like Blink 182
I love Dave Matthews Band
wanna be farmer
conspiracy theorist (never thought I'd add that one)
Attachment parent
small town midwestern girl
I think the list goes on and on.

Many people through the years have helped me discover each layer, and to them I am ever thankful.

So part of the new me is NO PIGEON HOLES they don't work!


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