Monday, December 10, 2007

The last several months

In August we bought this place, since then it has been so crazy! It was also at that time, or shortly before that the computer died, or started to die. Then no internet or computer.

Never move and remodel at the same time. And a rule for remodeling - if it can rot, it has! This place is NO where near where we'd hoped it would be before moving it. Every time we'd remove something or go to fix something, there was another piece of rotted flooring or wall or support beam. We also ran out of money! But in the end it'll be great and just what we want. And most of all, bug free, clean and waterproof (whoever designed trailers in the 60's didn't think much about how to keep water OUT).

I'd say the best thing is that each payment (only 14 left!!!!) is one less we'll have to pay. It's great to have that monthly rent going somewhere.

Of course, also never go on a cross country trip in the MIDDLE of moving and remodeling. Of course that trip wasn't for fun, Chip's father was very ill and he dearly wanted to meet Paul. It still breaks my heart that they wouldn't let me in his room with Paul. All he wanted was to see him (he has bad eyesight, so he couldn't really see Paul from the doorway). It's been hard since getting back because we can't call (no phone yet, next month, can't wait!). The phone company won't give us a phone, silly huh.

These last few months have also been a huge time of growth for us and really for Chip. He's really come a long way in his faith. It's been great.

Now just some very important big, giant steps and things will be set right, can't wait. (getting the net also helps with that, of course when the computer died we lost all the stuff he had written and prepared for the annulment, so now he can put it back together).

Okay, I should go get Paul to sleep, he's a tired baby today and cutting a new tooth (number 5!).


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