Thursday, December 13, 2007

Losing Kitty

Today our cat, Kitty, passed away. A month ago we took her to the vet for an abscessed tooth and she never got better. It ended up that she had a very fast growing cancer in her mouth (so fast that I noticed it growing every day over the last week while I was feeding her with a syringe - I just didn't know what it was). We took her to the vet today thinking the tooth was reinfected, to find out it was a horribly aggressive cancer, that had made her unable to see, smell or open her mouth.

Kitty's story

One December day in 2005 I was outside and I heard a weird noise, almost like a far off chainsaw. Next I saw an orange tabby sitting on top of the dumpster - sound must be the cat purring - wow, what a purr! Next thing I knew she was running up to me, I thought she was going to attack me, but lo and behold all she wanted was to be pet, and boy oh boy did she have a purr. A loud beautiful purr that could rumble a whole bed and be heard from another room. I wish I had a sound clip to share. We called her Kitty, it stuck.
Over the next few months she started coming inside more and then during all the tornadoes in March we started keeping her inside during storms. By June she was totally inside and never looked back. She loved being an indoor kitty with a warm, dry bed and love.
We didn't know how old she was until they took out her tooth, 12, so she found us at 10. She will be missed, hopefully I'll be able to hear that purr for years to come. It was such a gift from a cat who found me when I needed her most when it probably was more than she needed us.
Thanks for reading. I'll find some pictures to share of her in the next few days.


Anne said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kitty. Was a sweet one I know. That purring was mesmerizing if I remember it correctly from our visit last spring.

Thanks also for the videos of Lil' Paul. That made my night. What a cutie!

Julie said...

Yes, that is the Kitty you are remembering. Thank you for writing.

Glad the videos of Paul made your night. Can you send your blog link again? I lost all of that when the computer crashed. How are you doing?

SagHarborGifts said...

I LOVE your blog Julie! Keep at it and keep us updated. Your baby is just absolutely adorable! What a cutie!