Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, I'm going to try this. I normally put them on my photobucket, but I can't remember my name or password, so going to try to put them in here. My dad took these on Halloween and emailed them to me. Still no cable for the camera, which has a TON of pics!
Okay, looks like it worked.
He was 7 and a half months old in these.


bethalice said...

I will never eat pumkin pie again. LOL! He is WAY too cute!

Julie said...

Thank you! I made it too. And it was no sew, no pattern either. He was a tad overwhelmed by all the people (Warrensburg has a downtown trick or treat thing). He is normally a ham! A total ham! When we are in line some where he will stare at the people behind us until they smile at him! And he rarely fails at getting a smile. People just respond so well to him. I actually thought about going to the nursing homes with him because he just always puts a smile on people's faces and I have found that the elderly really love it. Anyhow, very long reply!