Sunday, October 05, 2008

Paulie Antics

There a many joys in being around a toddler, and of course some things are hard (like the fact that they now have an opinion, and WANTS rather than just needs like an infant). But watching them learn and explore is just amazing.

Paul loves to explore and find anyway he can to climb, open, dismantle whatever he finds. Like for example, just as I'm writing this, he has found the missing burner elements for the electric stove we just got yesterday. How I don't know, but he just brought it to me and left it sitting next to me. I think he's off to grab another.

He also likes to push chairs or benches to the window to look out or the light switches to play with them (we didn't have switches before, so he is LOVING them). It's just so neat to see what he is capable of figuring out, all on his own, no prompting or guiding from us.


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