Sunday, October 12, 2008

plumbing and other vents

So we moved to a new place so we'd have nice plumbing. It's been nothing but a headache. Everything leaks (the place was empty for a LONG time, so all the valves are cracked). Everytime we try something new (today hooked up the washer) it's something else we have to replace. Just frustrating.

I'm also very, very tired, all the time. I haven't slept well in weeks (I think it's a little over a month). I can handle a few days a week with Paul waking up a lot, and getting little or spotty sleep, but it's wearing me down being so tired. I fall asleep mostly fine, but I wake up so early and can't get back to sleep. Very annoying. If I get up then Paul normally will wake up and then not only am I tired, but I have a cranky baby too, not a good combination. Need to find something to help me sleep better or more restfully. I think that's the key, having more restful sleep.


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