Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, this is not something I’m good at, it happens, but I try to live in denial that change must happen and then finally just give in because I’m tired of fighting.  Right now I’m just tired!  Going to sleep around 1 or 2 and being woken by an alarm at a little before 6 is not fun!  I kind of gave myself a day ‘off’ today to mope about and feel sorry for my tired self.  I was done with that by about 3, and had an enjoyable rest of the day.

I’m still not sure what to do with this.  I need to find a way to sleep more, but I can’t seem to get kidlets to go to sleep earlier.  Paul is more pliable with that, but Dolores, wow, I am not going through that again!  She totally revolted!  I may try again next week just to see if it was something else with her.  Right now I am getting them to sleep about a hour earlier than normal, which is progress.  I’m getting to sleep about 2 hours earlier, but I am not having my time at night for cleaning and email, that is taking it’s toll. 

So this weekend I have to be up with Chip both days, tomorrow to meet a friend for a garage sale, and Sunday for Mass of course.  I’m sure I’ll go insane from utter lack of sleep!

In other adjustments, Dolores is growing so much.  She is sitting pretty well on the couch, she can’t sit on the floor though, but the couch.  Her hands are her favorite thing and she is learning to use them well.  I even saw her move a toy from one hand to the other earlier today.  She also discovered paper.  She LOVED that.  I remember Paul at this age, give him a piece of paper and he’d be content for 15 minutes, just chewing away. 

Paul is enjoying the fact that Dolores is more interactive.  He does silly things to get her to giggle up a storm.  He gives her toys to get her to hold them.  He is also very sweet like covering her up when she’s napping or trying to comfort her.  Also, he’s rough with her, she doesn’t seem to mind, but it makes me nervous.  I mostly think Paul’s got something going on, not sure what, but he’s been more hard to handle lately.  That happens from time to time with him, lasts a week or so and then he’s normal.  I always figure he’s working something out in his head or dealing with something.

Paul has fallen asleep so I should get to bed, 5;45 comes very soon!


Mary Bennett said...

Ohhhh 5:45???? yuck!!! I hope Paul works it out and the kids sleep sooner for you. And I hope you make a visit to my blog and say hello! :)

Julie said...

I did just a bit ago. I had gotten horribly behind on my google reader. You had some awesome posts! I really liked the post about marriage.