Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who knew it was so easy? (aka: potty learning)

We can officially call Paul, potty learned.  I know some people use the term, ‘trained’, but there was no training involved.  Paul did it all himself. 

Over a year ago, more like a year and 4 months, some where around there, I noticed that Paul was dry during naps.  He also wouldn’t go if he didn’t have a diaper (I think it was actually during a bad case of diaper rash when he was not wearing diapers for naps to help it heal).  Then I noticed that he was staying dry at night, so we went over to no diapers at night.  This was helpful during the summer months when his rashes tended to be worse (heat, humidity and no a/c, not a good combo for a diaper clad bottom! :) ).

One morning he asked to go potty when I was going after us waking.  He actually went, and he thought it was awesome!  So we got him a couple of the Bjorn Little Potty’s (not sure of the actual name, but it’s the little potty made by Bjorn).  At first he wasn’t perfect, but he hated to pee on himself, hated it, so it wasn’t long, like maybe a few weeks, maybe only a week, and he was solidly going on the little potty’s or the big one when we were in the back.  But he still didn’t mind his diaper either for when we were out.

We continued like this for a LONG time.  I figured he’d let us know when he was okay with not having a diaper when we went out.  On occasion I’d ask, and he always said he wanted one, so, not really a big deal. 

About a month ago he got home from my parents house and started to take his pants and diaper off (they always put a pull up on him).  He then went in the little potty.  I was impressed, but he had done it a few times before, so I thought nothing of it.  Later that day we had to run a few errands so I put the pull up back on, we were gone for a few hours and again when we got home he took it off.  So now it’s been a month and he hasn’t gone in a diaper once, and we have run errands/been gone for over 4 hours, and he’s held it.  He will not go in the public ones, I think because most are those automatic ones, and kind of unpredictable.

I am truly amazed at how simple it was.  Sure, we could have made it stressful if we had wanted it to not take so long, but that’s not us :).  Again we learn a lesson is trusting our child to do/learn what he needs to learn in his own time. 


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful when it goes that way? I've been doing casual elimination communication with Mary since she was 3 months old and, if I put a little effort into it, I bet she'll be fully trained/learned before two.

Mary Bennett said...

Yeah for Paul!!!! Lucky for us, we didn't need daycare so we didn't have to pressure for potty training either. Different kids are ready at different ages.

Julie said...

It is so nice. I had horrid visions. But we totally wanted to let Paul take the lead, and were in no rush (no day care, preschool or school outside of home). I honestly never thought he'd do it all on his own (when he was little). He just did not care that he had a dirty diaper, he would rather stay in a soaking wet diaper than slow down to have it changed. So when he started asking for the potty, totally shocked! Even more shocked when he started to hate peeing on his foot when he didn't get to the potty.

I tried my hand at EC with Paul, but I'm just a little to lazy for that. I think if I tried with Dolores, we would work it out because she's a lot more predicatble than Paul. There is still time for it with her though. Maybe I'll try again with her, she is a much easier to read than Paul was. :)

I do feel very blessed to not have the pressure to potty train. And having the cloth diapers helps with that too since we aren't having to buy them every week. :)