Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh how I do not like change.  I know I’d adjust to them in time, but some of the things coming toward us are just not cool (for me at least, kids I don’t think will notice, well, they will notice me being crazy tired, very short tempered and that they house is not ever picked up)!  This is super long!  I found a way to use both hands while nursing Dolores, a whole new world is open to me :).

Having to wake to an alarm most mornings.  I know a lot of people do this, but it is not how I want to wake.  Nothing starts me off to a bad day faster than some machine screaming at me to wake up.  Plus just knowing I HAVE to get up dramatically reduces not only the quality, but also the amount of sleep I get.  I really LIKE waking when my body says it’s time to get up.  On occasion a child wakes me, but normally I’m already at least getting ready to wake.  Also added to this is having to wake to an alarm to wake your husband who doesn’t hear the alarm.  Lucky!  Wish I could sleep through that!

I LIKE having a slightly different schedule than most people.  Walmart, errands, driving, traffic, when everyone else is out is NOT fun at all.  It’s not even bearable.  It’s crowded and frustrating and people are at their worst.  Plus you have to wait in line for like years, even for a self check out.  Waiting in line with a hungry baby and a ‘ready to go home’ toddler is close  enough to  make a person never want to leave home again!  I like being able to go grocery shopping when everyone else is asleep! (our grocery store is open until midnight)

My favorite part of our current schedule, besides waking to two wonderfully smiley happy kids beside me in the morning (we three generally wake within a few minutes of each other) is the end of the day.  After I have gotten the kids to sleep, I usually (on the days Chip works, on the days he’s home, normally we are up later and I’m just so ready for sleep that I fall asleep getting the kids to sleep) I get up and straighten the house, finish up the dishes, pick up toys, clean off the counters, sweep and vacuum.  It’s so nice to go to bed with a clean, ready for the day house.  It’s peaceful for me.  And after I do that, I either take some time for me, like sending emails or writing/responding on blogs/threads, or I take a shower (I don’t need or want daily showers, my skin would fall off if I did that!)  That time is so precious to me.  Then I cuddle up with my kids and read a few pages and fall asleep.  This is something totally new for me, normally I can not fall asleep.  But this new night pattern for me is awesome and leads to decent sleep for me, which is nice and a total change from normal for me.

So there you have it, I think if you read this you will come off with me being very selfish and impatient.  Well, I can’t hide it.  I try, but there you have it. 

Hopefully a new rhythm will be found.  I just really hope I can find a way to sleep through that damn alarm clock, and that Chip will in time wake himself like last time he was on days (took a few months).  But mostly, just hope I can sleep through it and not feel obligated to wake.  Peaceful, restful sleep is most important to me remaining sane and tolerable to live with.  Especially given that I will not have a second to myself, like ever again!

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