Sunday, April 04, 2010

April 4, 2010

I just could not think of a title today!  I have a few pictures to share.  Really enjoying this windows live writer for writing posts, so much easier than through blogger!

Paul has blossomed with words lately.  He talks so much and is so articulate.  He will correct himself when he’s talking, like if he picked the wrong word and he’ll keep at his sentence until he gets it how he wants it.  It’s also kind of neat to see him talk about things.  Like if he can’t think of what something is called, he just pauses and you can see him thinking, and he’ll say ‘that thing’ or ‘this’.  He is also really getting into imaginative play, like  real pretend play, it’s neat to see him work things out.

Paul’s recent thing is building fences around things.  I Put Dolores on the floor so she could watch him play and Paul thought it would be nice to build a fence for her.  The pictures are backwards though, the first one is on the right.  And I don’t really know what this album thing is.  I found out I can add many photos at a time and it did that, so who knows!

DSCF2266 DSCF2267

I had taken Paul outside and came back in because she was fussing, so I sat her up and Paul came running in saying that Pepper went in the street, so I quickly went to go call her back (not a busy street at all, but there are loose dogs over there and she’s a little aggressive, plus, cars do drive crazy fast on that road).  When I got back inside less than 2 minutes later, this is how she was, I guess she kind of rolled over and landed there.  It was just to cute to not take a picture.


A very blurry picture that Paul took of me sitting with Dolores.

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