Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I hate days like this

In the last two days Paul has only slept for about 18 hours, no naps at all and he doesn't want to nurse much either. Just crying and hold me, that's all. The house is a HORRID mess, I just can't stand it. He will NOT sleep, I'm going to go crazy. I yelled at him for the first time ever and told him to just go to sleep already. I feel awful. I hate these days, hate them. Add to that, that we haven't been able to fix the computer at all and the cd drive does not work and I haven't had any luck uploading our files to the net, so it's either, keep using a computer that doesn't work (very hard to do) or lose everything. Sometimes I just want to throw it out the window! :) I know the files aren't truly important in the big picture. I just spent hours upon hours putting all the music on the computer and fixing the pictures. The music would be lost forever (we sold all of our cd's). Anyhow I should go, I am sitting here listening to him cry himself horse so I should probably get him.



Anonymous said...

I know you're AP... have you considered that he *needs* sleep, and maybe lay him down and close the door for 2-3 minutes? It's likely he'll go to sleep for you and that he just needs to be "left alone" for a while to relax. 18 hours of sleep out of 48 is not enough for most babies. I'm not suggesting crying it out - just that maybe he needs to lay down and settle himself to sleep instead of crying frantically all day and frazzling you into a big mess.

Having BTDT with one of my kids, I wouldn't live out his not sleeping with him screaming in my arms like I did at the time. I would put him in his crib and let him settle down to sleep... maybe it won't work, but I'd give it a try.

Julie said...

Paul just really fights sleep sometimes, and I was not doing well, so that made it much wore than it needed to be. I have put him down, or left him, but he just gets even more worked up. I've even laid down with him, but if he doesn't want to sleep he won't (very stubborn like his mom and dad!) He has more than made up the sleep today, he's only been up for about 2 hours since 7!


M. Alexander said...

I would forget about music files. I think taking care of Paul is more important. If you lose the files- so what? Turn on the radio. Sometimes babies have days like this and they just need their Moms. Housework has to come second and music a distant last.