Saturday, July 07, 2007

It won't let me give a title. It was going to be "Giving up?"

It has been a very rough few days. My spirits are very down. I feel like just crawling in a hole and never coming out. There is just no point in trying to even be positive about anything. Every time you start to be positive something comes and takes it away. We are too poor to even do the things we need to do, like go to Mass and get Chip to his conversion classes. We also have to pay for the annulment. But really money is the least of the issues. Every thing in my life is a fight right now. Fight to parent the way we want, fight to live how we want (simply and naturally), fight because of religious differences. And even if it isn't an out right verbal fight, it's me just not saying anything and smiling and nodding. I hate that.

I feel like my spirit if broken. I think I'm living a pipe dream.

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