Sunday, July 08, 2007

No title again,

I killed my bird. I feel awful. Been having such a rough time lately, I sure didn't need this. Why didn't I give them water this morning when I first saw they needed it. How could I forget. He was a birthday present.



Anne said...

((((HUG)))) I'm sorry about your bird :(

You guys are in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I find myself feeling sorry for myself, I think of what I can do for others. It gets my mind off of myself, and doing something positive.

Perhaps you want to consider taking a different intention to offer up your suffering for - like your family, your son´s vocation or the like. That way, you won´t be stuck in depression and you´ll be doing good for others.

Julie said...

Thank you both for writing.

I don't know who the second poster is :), but thank you, I did need that reminder. Trials and sadnesses are much easier when we offer them up for others. I used to do this, and it really does help. Now to just get back in the habit!

Thanks again you both for your thoughts :).