Tuesday, July 24, 2007

our new endeavor

For awhile we have wanted to have an Ebay store or a website (Ebay is kind of expensive). We aren't quite there (need to finish the planning and work on what we'd like to sell, mostly homemade things/crafts and woodworking. But the precursor to that is a website that's just about us and the things we have found that work. Like the recipes for our soap and laundry detergent. We got the site yesterday, so now we just have to built it and put stuff on there! I'm excited. It's just nice to have something concrete to see that we really are making some progress towards simplicity in our lives and living naturally. Plus there is no advertising on the site so we feel we are making headway in living the non-consumerist life that we really want. Yes we are weird!

Once I actually set up the basic site I'll post a link. I have to figure it all out. :)


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