Sunday, February 10, 2008

day in the life

It's cold, why can it not be spring all year? Spring is happy and beautiful. I like Spring! Winter is cold, way, way cold. We are so done with winter, and it's not been a bad winter. I think it's our living situation that makes it worse (no heat in the back - so potty in the freezing cold, yay, fun! wanna come over???) and no insulation, plus the car that runs right now doesn't really have good heat. Anyhow, not to be complaining, can't wait for warm days.

Paul has decided that sleeping alone is not for him, ma ma has to be with him. It's nice to take a nap, but sometimes I want to do something, like eat dinner. So I'm currently waiting for said child to sleep so I can eat. I'm guessing I'm not eating!

I can't wait for a normal house! Shortly at least we'll have to whole place! Can't wait. We decided that we are going to go ahead and put new siding on since we can't find all the holes and fix all the leaks (this place was not designed to be water proof aparently).

Paul is playing in the crumbs that the dog made while eating my burnt pizza (cooking on a woodstove is all about timing and mine was off).

Oh, on a kind of cool note, I found someone local who also uses cloth diapers, I'm very excited. Just have to try to figure a way to meet up that doesn't involve her coming here, it's just not a place I'd like people to see yet (no walls and a cold toilet). But I'm still excited and suddenly don't feel as alone as before in our choices.

Off to go mess with the fire, cold nights go away!!!!!!!!!!!!



Petrus said...

Meet at the local library!!

Julie said...

oh, excellent idea! I will suggest it in my next message to her. Why didn't I think of that! I love the library!