Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday joy

forgot this last night, or rather, it's still monday for me, yay!

Today I got to eat, that was very nice, doesn't happen often. I had ravioli, it was very good.

In other news, I am up at this crazy hour because Chip came home and decided to stay up watching stuff on the computer, Paul loves this so woke up and got all excited because Daddy was home, so here I am, up waiting for Paul to get tired again, and of course, Chip is asleep. Guess I'm at least getting caught up on my blog! Wish we had something breakfast like to snack on though!



Anonymous said...

Hilarious. That is the most sarcastic joy that I have ever read.

Keep your head up!!

Julie said...

I was actually serious! I was very happy to have gotten to eat. I normally just snack, and I actually got to cook something real. I was pretty happy!