Saturday, December 06, 2008

answered prayers I didn't know I said!

This morning I woke up pretty distraught over the car situation, which is just not good at all. I was just completely overwhelmed. Just a little while ago, I ran into a friend on facebook chat. We had a good talk.

What was very interesting is that the other day I posted about wanting to start over, and not knowing how to do that. It came up in a different context in our chat (more about faith and having faith and trust in God). It ended up being an answer to how to start over. Working on virtues and practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Which, until about 20 minutes ago, I didn't know. After reading them, I have heard them somewhere, but never learned them. It is really amazing how God can seriously put the right person in front of you when you need it the most, you just have to be willing to not be stubborn (or I just have to be willing to not be stubborn as I tend to be).

So while I have NO idea what's going on with the car, and the timing is just awful (as in, money, Christmas, also me trying to not go crazy, and me trying to not sink deeper into depression), I am relived to be finding a way to handle it and myself better, plus that conversation got me out of my funk that I was unwilling to leave on my own!

Okay off to learn more about these works of mercy, hang out with Paul and write down more of his words! I forgot a lot of them, and then continue to forget them after I remember them!


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