Friday, December 05, 2008


Cars suck! They always break at the worst times possible. As in this morning on Chip's way to work. It exploded. Wonderful! Now we have to try to get the other (older worse shape, no power steering, ac or radio! :) ) car good enough to pass inspection. Or find some way to get a 'new' car, meaning a piece of crap that'll run for a few months. Lovely timing is all I can say. It's the most expensive time of year (heat is SO, SO expensive, property taxes, car insurance being due............and not to mention we haven't gotten Paul a Christmas present yet. I am trying to laugh at this so that I don't sink further in to my hole I'm already far into, it isn't working well. I just really, really hope we can time cheap used tires (just need to pass inspection -current tires are dry rotted) and find a way to fix the leaking fuel line, and hope and pray that it doesn't need power steering to pass. Okay, off to find something to just make me calm down and maybe sleep. I see this being a night of not sleeping because of extreme worry.


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