Sunday, November 15, 2009

back to 'normal'

Tomorrow Chip goes back to work, so all will have to go back to normal. I'm pretty sad about that. It's been nice being able to rest when needed and spend lots of time with my babies :). Also him going back to work means LOTS of it just being me and the kids, so kind of lonely. Right after the birth, for the first week it was beautiful out, and now that it's going to be all lonely here it's the crummiest weather possible! Cold, damp, raining and dreary, just blah. I'm glad he ended up having more time off than he thought.

Dolores was baptised today, it went very well, though she did cry for a large part of it, she was hungry. Glad she is baptised though, now just to get the other two parts finished up, marriage prep stuff and Chip's conversion stuff. Still need to find out if we have a waiting period or not on the marriage, didn't get a chance to ask Father today.

And for those who may not be on facebook and would like to see some pictures, here are a few :)

Sleeping on her first day.

Paul getting closer and starting to think she's 'okay'.

Finally realizing that Dolores is okay and not scary :).

Me and the kids, still feels weird saying that!

The two of them sleeping the same way, hands over the head, and of course the spot that I would go. It sure is warm between two little kids! They are heaters!

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xiara said...

Awwww, such a cute little bundle! Tfs!