Tuesday, November 03, 2009


There is nothing more frustrating than having a ton of cats, and, yes, mice that live in the walls. I guess they must be smart mice or something. We can't get rid of them and now with winter coming and it being colder, I hear them again. Of course both Chip and I have one that lives directly above the head of our beds, lovely. All night long, scratch, scratch scratch. I really think they are going to get shot this year, and I think I'm to the point that I really think a huge hole in the wall is better than an annoying dirty mouse! We have tried so many things, but nothing works, they are still there. I wish the stupid things would just venture out for just a little bit, then the cats could have a snack and the annoying scratching would be gone! Yes, I know that's morbid, forgive me! :)

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