Sunday, November 22, 2009

quick post/good day

Just quickly as I should be in bed and Dolores is letting me know she needs some food.

Today Paul's first real fear came out, monkey's! Don't know where it came from. He's been scared of other things but this was different, more real and yet abstract at the same time. Where as the other things are ones we expected, scary faces (Halloween), things like that. Paul actually LOVED this monkey until today. I actually think it was the monkey on the cookie box yesterday that started it, and it just morphed into all monkeys.

I have had good luck with Dolores and figuring out her gassiness. She just needs to be burped often, way more than what we ever had to do with Paul. Also got her in the Mei Tai today, a little odd with the froggied legs, but she seemed fine. So glad that I got that figured out, it'll really help during her fussy times of the day and when we or rather I go out with both kids. I should be able to wear them both in a few weeks or so. Will make grocery shopping SO easy! I'm sure I'll get tons of stares, but until she's 26 pounds (what I gained in pregnancy), wearing Paul and her won't be any different than when I was wearing just him during the pregnancy (up to the very end).

So it was a good day despite being so very tired and having a horrid headache that would not go away. Hopefully tomorrow is good too and I lose my temper not at all! (twice today - really working on that!)

Oh, also got some good pictures of Paul holding Dolores, I'll try to get them uploaded/posted tomorrow.

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