Sunday, November 21, 2004

Back from Vacation

It was a nice time. The place we stayed was huge and Maggie got to run around all of the upstairs. I had some car trouble while there, but it just disappeared, so that's great! It wasn't so hard leaving for home, just the usual not wanting to go back to working all the time because it gets crazy for me. It was hard leaving a place so much like the Mid West though. I loved how friendly the people were, friendly and helpful. Kind of made me miss my home region a little and also made me want to move to Cape Cod! :) So tomorrow it's back to normal, meaning work in the morning and work in the evening, same old same old. I know there are people out there reading this so post a comment or too :)



Anonymous said...

Hi: it was nice reading about your vacations. And seeing the pictures, as well.
The places over there seem too wild and "cold" for me: I do prefer summer over the windy Autumn of the Ocean shores....but it has its own appeal, I agree.
I barely know Cape Cod by name, for having been the place where the tv movies of Mrs. Fletcher (Murder, she wrote) are heldt. It seems lovely, but AGAIN, COLD!!!!!
You can tell I am the southern type:)

Take care and keep writing.

Julie said...

it's only cold because it's winter :). Of course I LOVE winter, so I'm all for the cold. Of course the water was VERY cold, colder than Lake Michigan, which I too have walked in in the winter. :)