Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Just feeling bummed. Had a good day today too, and we have vacation coming. Guess I was still holding out hope for the impossible, silly me. Hope is always what got me :). Anyway, just writing here in hopes that talking will help me sleep some.

We had a nice visit with friends today, was nice. Left me feeling somewhat unsettled though for various reasons that I don't want to think about now as I have to go to sleep sometime. I enjoyed the company though. Wish I could be surrounded by that many Trads. all the time, how wonderful and prayerful a life that would be :).

In other news, I started my Consecration to Mary yesterday. I'm looking forward to the spiritual growth that will hopefully bring.

Well I should get off this thing, have a lot to do tomorrow with packing and errands and such.


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