Thursday, November 18, 2004

Going to Nantucket

Well first I should start with how vacation has been so far. Not a lot to do in the winter, but it's nice being away and on Cape Cod. People are SO nice there and they drive normal, or what a person from the mid west considers normal. It was nice to not have to speed all the time to avoid tail gaters. So far we have driven the length of Cape Cod, seen a couple beaches and a few light houses. On Tuesday we went to Nauset Beach/ Light house and the waves were HUGE. It ended with Mary Grace and I taking a swim in the water, and getting hit with a huge wave. It was fun but very cold. :)

Today we (Mary Grace and I) went to Nantucket. I have wanted to go there since I first read a book about Maria Mitchell. It is a neat place I only wished I had had more time so I could see the whole Island. I had never been on a ferry so that was fun, and we got to see seals too, I had never seen them in the wild. The town is very neat, cobblestone roads, brick sidewalks, lots of little shops. I hope someday to be able to go back and see the whole Island :).

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