Saturday, November 13, 2004

The saga of vacation begins

Well I'm finally at a computer since coming back, so going to post about vacation. We started out on Friday, Nov. 12th. By time I got near Boston it was apparent that my car was going to die very soon. My blinkers weren't working and the windshield wipers barely moving (and it was snowing/raining out). Luckly we got to a gas station where my car died. It happened to be a place with nice people in it. We got a lot of help, but my car died again to I began the AAA phone calls. The guy had some major pity on me, a girl stranded 100 miles from home with no money! So he cut us a great deal that allowed us to be towed all the way home for free! We ended up sitting in the tow station for a while because oddly they had another car going to the same place as us! It was so odd. We were very lucky and had many reasons to be thankful that evening. On Saturday the car was fixed (alternator went out) and I drove back out to the Cape. :)


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