Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Birthday yuckies

Well the birthday blues that I thought I had lived down decided to come when I was at work. It was when I realized I hadn't heard from some of my closest friends. I guess it's the whole out of sight out of mind. I also realized I had been hoping to hear from a friend I don't talk to anymore. Just sad to see that you can so easily be forgotten. All these people who I have tried to talk with since moving and NEVER hear back from, I guess I was silly enough to actually think some might remember. So it begins, the dreaded birthday to February blues, lets just hope I don't start eating like crazy again! I suppose I'm off to bed in hopes that I won't spend tomorrow on the verge of tears. Birthdays suck why did God invent them.



Anne said...

Hi Julie,

I apologize for not calling yesterday or today. Been crazy nuts with work and school stuff. I hope my card gets to you soon. I will try to give you a ring this weekend.
I hope all is well!!


Julie said...

Oh Anne, I wasn't talking about you :). I had just recently talked to you, like a few days ago. :) We are goign to the Cape this weekend so my phone will actually work, so I will be able to make calls, now the question is, will I??? :)