Friday, November 05, 2004

First of 4 days off

Hi all, I'm sure someone is still reading this, I hope at least :). I didn't do much today, just a few errands, and I didn't get my phone calls made. Was a decent day though and intend on hanging out on the computer tonight just because I can :). Might as well enjoy the few days I have to do that right??

Tomorrow will be just doing a few things like dying my hair, cleaning out my car and I have to go to work for a bit and work on the computer.

Nothing much else going on. Just trying to decide if I should go back to school or not, so what do you think?? Is it worth it??

Don't really have anything for the day in Julie's life, I usually spend this time of year waiting for my birthday and as of late dreading it as it's a yearly reminder of how little I have done in my life.

More at a later time :)

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