Wednesday, January 16, 2008

end of the day

I'm waiting for my dinner to get done, so thought I'd post one last time before Chip's weekend. I'm looking forward to the next few days (he has three day weekends, works 4 on 3 off). I'm also a little nervous about it. It'll be the first real down time Chip has had since his father's death (me for that matter too). I hope it doesn't hit him all at once. We have plenty to occupy ourselves with (we have insulation still waiting to go up, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been sitting in our shed for over a month). I just hope the down time doesn't make it all hit at once you know.

I also wanted to take the chance to thank all of those who sent prayers and good thoughts for everything to work for him (us) to get to CT for the funeral. Things NEVER ever work out smoothly for us, and this went off with out a hitch, everything just fell into place perfectly, it was a refreshing change for us. Thank you again.

I think I'll sign off now and eat my dinner and chill for a bit, or maybe just go to sleep. So very tired lately.


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