Sunday, January 20, 2008

My rolly polly baby

A random Paul update.

My baby is growing out of his baby pudge already. I am very sad about this, moreso than I should be. He is losing his rolls on his arms and legs. I miss my pudgy little boy, he's growing to look very toddler like. He's even losing his cute cheeks. I think I still feel like I missed out on his babyhood because of the PPD so all I really remember is the time from like 4 months or so, and now that remnant is gone, makes me sad. It goes so fast!

I measured him the other day 28 inches tall, I can't believe it! He's still in the 24 month size, just finally starting to fit into the legs and arms, kind of. :)

I think he's been trying to say 'cat' we'll see as time goes. It makes sense, we have 6 :).


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