Wednesday, January 16, 2008

made my week

sorry for all the posts this evening, I just couldn't not share this. As those who read regularly know, we co sleep and I nurse Paul on demand, and always to sleep. Normally once he's down for the night he'll stir to nurse a few times before I'm in bed. But just now I went over and all he wanted was to cuddle up next to me. It was so sweet and innocent. They really are blessing.

It was the highlight of my week (month maybe??) and the perfect ending to a roller coster of a week. Just had to share my special little boy. Wish I had room on my camera card so I could take a pic. Okay, truly is the last post of the day. Dinner and sleep, beautiful sleep. Oh, but wait I have to find out why the ambulance came to our neighbors, Chip called to tell me he'd tell me when he got home, can't over the phone. Sounds interesting. yes, I know, gossip, gossip. It is a horrible habit we have that we are working on. We are all works in progress I keep telling myself!


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