Sunday, January 20, 2008


mr boom boom has had his stupid ghetto thumping music on ALL day, and I mean since about 8 am.

Paul WON"T sleep. Probably because of the stupid ghetto thumping music.

I am trying to get the pictures from the camera onto the computer and get them to a mailable size. I can NOT at all find any program that will make them smaller. On MY computer with died I had windows picture editor thingy and it would let you make them smaller (not just cropping, but you could save them smaller). Nothing will work. So have 200 HUGE files that I can't mail and they won't fit on a cd because they are too big (well they'd fit on lots of cd's but I only have like two). Why can't it just work, why.

I'm hungry, how the hell am I going to cook? Paul's screaming, we can only use the woodstove, can't do that and hold a baby, kind of dangerous.

I just heard gunshots, what the hell, did I move to the freaking ghetto or what?


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