Tuesday, January 15, 2008

naps are the enemy

There was once a shirt we saw with this written on it, but was several sizes to big for Paul. I SO wish I could find it again because it is SO him. Naps are bad. Not that he fights them (no more so than normal fighting sleep), but he just can't be bothered to take one. Today is a no nap day. Which means cranky, crabby baby and mommy can't do ANYTHING, even pee, without screaming! Oh, I can't wait for a nice nap again, I miss those days! Now I'm just hoping he goes to sleep earlier than normal so I can at least get a few things done before I crash, of course I could actually go to sleep now, so we'll see how that goes.

He's getting a tooth, so I think that is making it worse. :) yay teeth, at least once this one comes in he'll have an even number of teeth, he's been an odd ball for a LONG time.

Oh, I measured him today, he's 28 inches tall! I could not believe it, he's looking more toddler like daily, kind of sad, I miss my plump little boy :(. They grow up so fast.


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