Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oddities found in my cabinets

I was cleaning cabinets today, as part of a larger reorganization of the kitchen.  I got to the baking cabinet and found some incredibly interesting things mixed in the the jumbled mess that was the baking/spice shelf.  I’ll preface this saying that all our cabinets are child locked, so there was no danger of Paul getting to them.

Three bottles of unopened Olive oil, one being a larger bottle, Christmas lights, about a dozen .22 bullets, a can of olives, a Baptism candle, batteries, and flea powder (unopened).  It was kind of like a treasure, just didn’t know what I would find next!

So now all of the cabinets are organizes and the food is sorted and not just thrown in, which is nice.  I would take pictures, but I haven’t yet, I might later just because it’s fun to show of your hard work! :)

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