Saturday, May 29, 2010


Things are really rough right now.  The cars are both unusable, Chip actually had to sleep in the van at work last night because it wouldn’t stay started long enough for him to get out of the lot.  He said he’s going to try to get home tonight, I just hope it starts for him.  I can’t go get him because I only have one car seat, and yeah, the Volvo isn’t much better than the van at the moment.  Which is sad.   I love that car!  It doesn’t help that we have NO idea what is wrong so it’s just ‘lets try this, lets try that’ and we simply can not keep doing that, it costs WAY too much money and time.  We need a vehicle NOW, something that at least Chip can get to work in and maybe bring back the groceries and other things we need on a weekly basis.  Yeah, I will go stir crazy (I am already there), but he HAS got to be able to get to work.  Never has 13 miles seemed so huge as right now.  It’s to far to walk.  I wonder how long it would take on a horse?  and no I’m not kidding!

There are other things too that I won’t get into.  Something just needs to give soon, or start working soon.  I hate this completely trapped feeling.  At least once the weekend is over I’ll be able to walk into town, but crossing the highway is out of the question on the holiday’s and weekends of summer (live on a road that is a main route to the Lake (lake of the Ozarks), it’s crazy busy on the weekends, can take over 10 minutes to cross just one side of the highway, not really safe in my opinion).

Anyway, I’m pretty blah right now and trying hard to not fall into a funk because those are never good!  Trying to find the humor in this, though not doing so hot at that!

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