Monday, May 10, 2010



These are the pictures, or highlights of the pictures, from the last 3 or so weeks (start on April 15, until a few days ago).


Dolores is a little past 5 months and sitting.



Same day, smiling for me.



Paul had a blast destroying some Styrofoam with a hammer.



Covered in foam pieces, he had such a fun time with this, a couple hours!






What happens to Daddy when he takes a nap in his chair, Paul covers him in food, toys and books. :)



The cutest table topper :)



Paul has cool parents!  Chip built this ramp and we made a jump at the end and a tub of water for the cars to jump in, he loves it!  Dolores enjoyed watching the cars go down the ramp.  I’m not sure who had more fun Paul or Daddy :).






Notice Paul’s beans, he loves those, he’s really into digging right now and will dig beans inside, will do this for hours a day.  Lets say I have found which beans are swept up best and which not to use (split peas stick to shoes and track everywhere, navy beans work best, if you use larger ones they won’t get sucked in the vacuum! I try to sweep most up so he can reuse them for days, but there are always a few that get left behind).



A rare afternoon nap with his cup and Puppa



Dolores that same day, with one of Paul’s favorite books, “I Howl, I Growl” his Aunt got it for him in Arizona, he’ll go around the house reading to himself from memory, even without looking at the book.


These next few pictures of our my favorite clump of trees by us.  It is behind us and there used to be another trailer next to it, but not it’s just a place Paul likes to dig and play with his ‘pipes’ (random pieces of random pipe that Paul puts together rather well to make ‘water’).  There is a remaining covered porch that I sit with Dolores and watch him. 


This is taken from the corner of  our house


Standing where the other trailer used to be, so looking due west, it was about 7pm, so the sun was getting ready to be setting.


Paul digging.

DSCF2407 DSCF2408 

Dolores almost 6 months old, sitting, by herself, well holding my finger.  I took several pictures and I kept getting her falling backward, she was NOT in the mood, she wanted to nurse and go to sleep, but Mommy wanted a picture!




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