Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paul’s mind at work

We have been talking a lot about the land and what we’ll do there, kind of to prepare Paul and also because it’s exciting.  We both worry Paul will be a little freaked out that our house moves.

Right now he is feeding his little farm animals ‘hay’ that one of his tractors brought to feed them.  The hay is little chucks of styrofoam and he’s using a little toy saw to cut off more because they are ‘hungry’.  It’s incredibly cute, I would try to get a picture, but I think if I get up it’ll distract him.

Okay, now the animals are telling him thanks.  How I wish I had a way to record this with sound.

Okay, I just figured out the most awesome thing, I can take recordings with the webcam on this computer.  So here are a couple I just took.  Paul was totally fascinated that he could see himself on the computer.


Wow, that took a LONG time, think I’ll have to find a different way to share video!

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