Monday, April 02, 2007

being a mom

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. The transition to mother was super easy. I mean, it is frustrating at times and very hard also at times, but it's natural. There was no extra effort involved in 'learning' to do what I needed to do to care for Paul, it just came. I think I was thinking it would be more like becoming a wife, there was a lot more learning involved with that. Not so much instinct. I've been amazed at how instinctive being a mom is. If I let go of my control issues ( like needing the house spotless - need to give up on that one!), my care for him comes totally from some place that I can't even describe.

I will say that right now I feel like the stereotypical stay at home mom. Haven't showered in days, didn't get dressed, messy hair. I swear I will get a shower someday, I know it'll happen! Even if I have to take a walk in the rain! Of course, had I known he'd sleep this long, I sure would have taken the chance tonight.

Okay, back to the baby.


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